Yami Gautham’s moving letter in view of ‘Balam’ release!

Hrithik & Yami Gautham
Hrithik & Yami Gautham

Yami Gautham, who was last seen in Tamilselavanum Thaniyaar Anjalum, has penned a moving letter in view of her latest release Balam, the Tamil dubbed version of Hrithik Roshan-starrer Kaabil.

“Don’t know where to begin. Should I thank God first or Rakesh Ji first for always being there not only in the capacity of a producer but also a mentor! Or Should l thank Hrithik first for pushing the envelope everyday and inspiring us to do beyond our expectations. Hrithik, than you being the selfless you and the best Costar l could ever ask for Should I thank Sanjay first or his team of AD’s that worked tirelessly,” she wrote.

“Big thanks to you for giving us the energy and vigour every time you stepped on the set! Should I thank Sudeep Da first or Ayananka first for adding magic to the frame through their lenses! Or should it begin with the light boys and spot boys who made sure work never stopped. Should I begin by thanking Ronit Da or Rohit for the baddies they portrayed and gave Kaabil a dimension we visualised on paper. or my acting coach Vidur sir for helping me carve out Supriya! Should l begin with the melodious music that Rajesh Ji seamlessly weaved into the
storyline and Salim Sulaiman’s background score that enhances the experience! Or should it begin with the tightest hug possible for my entourage and super kaabil team of Meenal, Tanya, Florian, Ekta, Tanuja & Natasha, Karishma for the costumes, my security Shivraj or my valets. Shakir, Sidhu and Vijay! You guys take sleepless nights so I wake up to a beautiful morning! Thank you guys for being the clockwork team we’ve been! Should begin with Mukesh Chhabra’s contribution in a unique casting yet again or the action that Sham Ji brought to life with his intriguing thrills! And the story, dialogue, screenplay that played a major
role in making it easy for me to portray Sue on screen; can’t thank Sanjay Masoom enough for the soul his writing gave u Or Akiv for his fast paced editing adding to the narrative! Every department, be it the production design for the beautiful sets, be it Resul at sound; be it the junior artists who gave us the world we created; be it the production team with Shammi Ji’s experience or be it the challenging choreography by Ahmed sir and his perfect team of boys n girls; they all made Kaabil possible! You all made my dream a reality! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the time and energy you put in this movie! Without you, Kaabil wasn’t possible. Without you Sue & Rohan weren’t possible. And thank you Mummy, Papa, Shilli, Ojas, Jas for believing in me all this while. I hope l make you proud,” she added.

Balam is releasing in over 124 screens in Tamil Nadu.


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