Found the love of my life, haven’t decided about marriage: Anjali


Actress Anjali, who remains an enigma to many of her fans and industry-watchers, has asserted that though she has found the ‘love’ of her life, she wasn’t in any mood to get married and enter matrimonial bliss.

Talk in the entertainment industry is that Anjali and her Engeyum Eppodhum co-star Jai are deeply in love with each other and that they had been ‘living together’ for the past many months now. Neither of them, however, has confirmed it.

Taking part recently in a reality television show, Jai made dosa at his home and shared it with Anjali who was at his residence. Jai and Anjali’s fans and critics obviously wondered what Anjali was doing at Jai’s residence in a casual costume. This gave rise to rumours that the duo was involved in a ‘live-in’ relationship.

Anjali, who had problems aplenty with her Aunt, has put everything behind her now and proudly declares that she has found the love of her life but stops short of naming him.

“My future husband ought to be handsome, caring and with a huge sense of humour. In particular, he should take care to treat me like a queen,” Anjali said. She went on to add that she has found such a person with whom she is in love. “However, I’m in no mood to get married now,” she smiles.


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