When it comes to being curvaceous, no actress can beat Ileana D’Cruz, the actress who rarely appears in Tamil films.

At a time when actress pump it hard at the gym and undertake strenuous workloads to stay in shape, Ileana is naturally gifted with an enviable curvaceous body and an hourglass figure which she gamely flaunts in almost all her films and also by posting photographs on Instagram and social networking sites.

The actress, who has a couple of Hindi films on hand, has of late been posting her photographs clad in swim-suits, much to the excitement of her fans. She also posted a photo of her in her bath-tub recently.

“My work routine has kept me away from my family for a long time now; though I’m not with them at all times, there isn’t a moment when I don’t think of them,” she says and adds that thanks to Almighty’s grace, she possessed a naturally curvaceous figure which allowed her the luxury of sleeping for long hours and still not worry about going out of shape.


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