Nayana Nair, yet another Kerala import from Mollywood, is entering Tamil films as heroine by playing the female lead in an upcoming film titled as Arasakulam. The actress says she’s a huge fan of Nayantara and would love to emulate her style of acting.

Directed by debutant film-maker Kumar Maran, Arasakulam pits Nayana Nair opposite Ratan Mouli, who played the hero in Vellikizhamai 13am Thethi and 13am Pakkam Paarkka. Others in the cast include Rajasimman, Rajashree, Raja, Shankar and Balamurugan. S.R. Chandrasekar is the film’s cinematographer while Velan Sahadevan is the debutant music director.

“In many films made in the past, people from Southern Districts are mostly depicted as violence-prone and those who thrive in attacking others. The kind of bonding they share with their family members, their self-confidence, how they value friendship and love and their trait in giving their own lives in saving those close to them haven’t been properly depicted in films.

“Arasakulam would be narrating all the untold truths about the people in these Districts. It would appeal to all sections of the society,” assures Kumar Maran.


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