Regina Cassandra
Regina Cassandra

Regina Cassandra who was last seen in the acclaimed heist thriller Rajathandiram took to her Instagram page to sum up her 2016 experiences and what she looks forward to in 2017.

“Measuring time has changed or should I say evolved through the years.. from observing the sun.. sun dials.. sand clocks.. watches.. calendars… etc. etc… it’s still keeps ticking away. All we are left with is…… MEMORIES.. and those can be tricky u know…. well because time does this funny thing with our memory.. plays tricks for sure! 🙄 we think we are left with a memory.. but in reality we are left with the FEELING.. what u or I FELT at that particular time is what we carry along.”

“1/1/2017 had me saying bye to all the negative feelings I had unknowingly gathered along the way, burdening myself unnecessarily with time.. the feeling of letting go..It all shed away… piece by piece.. We all have baggage ( yes u too! No one is an exception) however, we all have a choice to let time do it’s thing.. either by storing it away for later or by helping us forget.. let time do its job,” she added.

She has a bevy of films waiting for release in Tamil including Selvaraghavan’s Nenjam Marappathillai and Udhayanidhi Stalin’s untitled project with director Ezhil.


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