– It just seems silly when you are trying to hide the obvious.

Only a few months ago the young reality star Kylie Jenner (19) denied having enlarged breasts.

After several fans speculated whether she had settled under the knife, she defended the rumors by saying that her breasts are bigger when it’s “that time of the month” (menstruation, editor.)

Previously, she also claimed that there is a special cream that made her breasts bigger.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

However, it seems as if the fans have difficulty believing in her.

Kylie and her famous family vacationing currently on tropical Costa Rica, and during a bykveld sister Kim Kardashian (36) showed she forms in a low-cut heldress.

19-year-old also shared pictures of evening social media, and several of her followers on Instagram points out once again that her breasts look bigger, writes Daily Mail.

The case continues below.


Et bilde publisert av Kylie (@kyliejenner)

– She has definitely taken a breast surgery

“Oooo Kylie, how many times a week you get menstruation again,” writes one of the followers under the picture.

“Breast augmentation. They do not grow overnight. Just tell it like it is, it just seems silly when you are trying to hide the obvious, “writes another.

A third person remembers when Kylie in October dressed up as pop star Christina Aguilera during a Halloween celebration.

The outfit was inspired by singer’s music video for the song “Dirrty” from 2002, where she was wearing trousers and a small bikini top.

“Oh my God. Unfair where heit she is. Okay, look at her profile from Christina Aguilera costume. She has definitely taken a breast surgery, “noted a follower who believes that her breasts were visible smaller then.

Kylie Jenner has not yet commented on the latest rumors.

The case continues below.


Et bilde publisert av Kylie (@kyliejenner)

Magnified lips

Kylie Jenner has previously been subjected to rumors that she has embellished look.

Having denied it for a long time, she admitted in 2015 that she has enlarged her lips with temporary fillers.

– I have temporary fillers. It’s just an insecurity in me, so that’s why I’ve done it, she told in a clip from a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode.

– I’ve been wanting to tell it, but people are so quick to judge me for everything. Therefore I went maybe around the bush, but I did not lie, she claimed.


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