Actresses expose their talents and not their skin: Vishal


Vishal, actor-producer and general secretary of Nadigar Sangam, has said that actresses are in the industry only to expose their talents and not their skin.

Vishal was responding to his Kaththi Sandai director Suraj’s remarks, which have evoked strong reaction from those within and outside the entertainment industry. Suraj had made a casual remark on the eve of the film’s release last Friday that actresses, who are paid huge sums, would do well to expose (looking glamourous and in revealing clothes) so as to please their fans in general and audiences in particular.

Tamannaah, who played the heroine in Kaththi Sandai, was the first one to react and poured scorn on Suraj saying that it is highly condemnable that actresses are ‘objectified’ in films. Tamannaah was joined by Nayantara, Rakul Preet Singh, Parvathy Nair and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan who condemned Suraj for his remarks after which the director sought apology and said he was withdrawing his remarks.

Vishal said on his Twitter account that he felt bad about the entire episode: “I’m speaking not as the general secretary of the Nadigar Sangam but as an actor. Suraj’s comments were in bad taste and needless. Actresses are here only to expose their talents and not their skin. I’m happy about Suraj’s unconditional apology!”


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