Amala Paul
Amala Paul

Actress Amala Paul is likely to try her luck with matrimony a second time but the actress has decided neither her partner nor the date of marriage.

Amala fell in love with director A.L. Vijay during the making of Deiva Thirumagal almost six years back and married him at a grand wedding which took place in June, 2014. The couple, however, developed serious differences of opinion among themselves and applied for and secured divorce decree more than a year ago. Amala has since started concentrating more intently on her career in films.

She has a handful of projects in Tamil and Malayalam and has also been globe-trotting, opting for tours abroad with friends and at times alone. The actress has gone on record stating that travelling alone made her feel rejuvenated and have her repeated confidence that she could always take care of her needs.

Sources close to the actress, who is just 25 years of age now, say that she is likely to get married again in the near future. They, however, add that the actress has neither chosen her partner or the date of marriage so far.


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