Archana Vedha
Archana Vedha

Actress Archana Vedha, a popular actress who has starred in a few Tamil films and has been among the frontline actress in Telugu, has shocked industry folks by revealing about the sexual advances – albeit indirectly – made towards her by a co-star whose name she stopped short of revealing.

Of late, there has been a tendency among heroines in various language film industries to speak up against such attempted molestation and sexual advances by co-stars, producers or directors. In the past, Bollywood actresses such as Anushka Sharma and Bipasha Basu never minced their words when it comes to criticizing perpetrators of heinous crimes against women.

Star of films such as Agaram, Vegam and Karuppampatti, Archana has starred in many films in Telugu. Speaking during a recent interview to a Tollywood magazine, Vedha revealed the efforts made by a co-star (apparently a hero) who attempted to make sexual advances towards her in an indirect manner.

“While chatting casually after shoot on a particular day, this hero asked me what I’d ‘give’ him in return for his offer to cast him in the film. I could sense the double-meaning he had in his words and quit the place stating I didn’t need to give him anything in return. As a result, major sequences featuring me in the film were deleted when the film released,” Archana said.

Though Archana hasn’t revealed the name of her hero, Tollywood press has been revealing names of quite a few heroes!


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