Arthana, who debuted as an actress in Samuthirakani’s Thondan recently, has said that she is not very adamant in essaying lead roles alone.

Samuthirakani’s recently released Thondan had Arthana essaying his younger sister’s role in the film. Thanks to positive reviews by critics and movie-goers, the talented Arthana has signed up two films to play the female lead.

“I don’t regret that I played not a heroine but the sister of the protagonist in my debut film in Tamil. As it was a Samuthirakani Sir’s film, I didn’t even hear out the script fully and signed along dotted lines to star in the film,” says an excited Arthana.

“I have now signed up two films in which I play the heroine; it doesn’t mean that I’d be adamant only in playing heroine’s role in all my films. If the script is challenging and good enough, I’m ready to take up any role in films,” Arthana concluded.


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