Banning PETA India would be good news for Tamils: Vijay


Actor Vijay has said that it would be a very good, sweet news to Tamils within and outside Tamil Nadu if the Centre banned PETA India and its operations in the country.

Joining the Jallikkattu issue with superstar Rajiniknath, Kamal Haasan, Dhanush, Simbu and others, Vijay has released a video on his Twitter account supporting the holding of Jallilkkattu.

In his latest posting, Vijay has said that laws have been put in place in all the countries mainly to protect and preserve people’s tradition and culture and not to take away anything from them.

“Jallikkattu is Tamils’ identity for centuries together. I convey my heart-felt wishes to the youths who protest in favour of Jallikkattu by coming forward on their own without any provocation from any political party. I bow my head to their feelings and sentiments. If the Centre bans PETA India, it would be a very good, sweet news for all the Tamils,” he said.


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