Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan

In an apparent effort to impress upon the Centre the need to accord permission to hold the Tamil traditional sport of Jallikkattu during the ensuing Pongal weekend, national award-winning actor Kamal Haasan has said that eating Biriyani should be banned in the country going by the same logic which has blocked holding Jallikkattu.

“When you ban Jallikkattu saying bulls are tortured, why can’t you ban Biriyani which is made by killing animals?” Kamal Haasan posed a question to the Centre while speaking yesterday at a conclave held by popular journal ‘India Today’ at a star-hotel in Guindy in Chennai.

Expressing his heart-felt support to hold Jallikkattu, he said that he was a huge fan of the sport which symbolized traditional Tamil valour. “If the animal rights activists are sincere in their efforts to ‘save’ bulls, they should also be pitching for banning Biriyani which is made by killing animals,” he said and added that Jallikkattu should never be compared with the traditional bull-fighting held within an arena in Spain.

“Bulls are treated as family-members by people across rural Tamil Nadu; they are even worshipped in some places,” Kamal said and added that Tamils knew how to take care of their cattle. It may be recalled that the existing Jallikkattu ban is a result of pending cases with the apex Court filed by Animal Welfare Bord of India and PETA.


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