Actress Trisha who got embroiled in a controversy over Jallikattu row for supporting PETA earned the wrath of Jallikattu supporters on social media platforms. She had to deactivate her account after it was hacked by miscreants. Yesterday, Trisha sent an extensive clarification regarding the issue and made her stance clear for once and all.

“This is to inform the general public that I have been deeply troubled and defamed for no fault of mine over the last week regarding the jallikattu issue. I made my stance very clear on my social networking account yesterday that I have never been against or opposed jallikattu. I am a proud Tamilian by birth and I believe and respect in Tamil culture and tradition and would never go against the sentiments of my own people who had been instrumental in my growth and stature.”

“But, I am deeply hurt at the disrespect and filthy language being used towards me and the people who supported me, by some vested interest. In the midst of me doing damage control and making my stance clear, my Twitter account was hacked and a tweet was sent out putting me in very insensitive light and hurting my fellow Tamilians. This effort by them to detach me from the Tamil audience whom I value much will not happen. I am very confident on this. Considering the gravity of the issue, I immediately reset my password and deactivated my account until the higher authorities get involved. I type this out with a lot of hurt and pain, I assure from the bottom of my heart that I am never against my own people and keep wondering why anyone would go through such an extent to defame me and put me in bad light. However, I thank my fellow colleagues and well wishers for the support meted out to me through this harrowing time. I wish everyone a wonderful pongal and hope this makes my stance very clear, once for all,” added Trisha.


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