GV Prakash and Arunraja Kamaraj’s request to international media

GV Prakash and Arunraja
GV Prakash and Arunraja

The overnight protest in Alanganallur to conduct Jallikattu has grabbed the attention of everyone across Tamil Nadu. Celebrities like Hiphop Tamizha, GV Prakash and Arunraja Kamaraj are currently at the ground zero location in Alanganallur and Aathur.

“i request all the Regional,National and international medias to come to alangaanallur and save the protesters. #humanrightsviolations,” posted Arunraja Kamaraj on his Twitter page.

“shed some light on human rights violation in #Alangaanallur #Madurai right now! #justiceforjallikattu #wakeup #sos,” requested GV Prakash tagging handles of BBC on Twitter.

“I urge the media to take coverage . The condition in alanganallur is bad . Pls do cover and everyone including us should back them,” added GVP.


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