Hurt by farmers’ suicides, Vivek won’t celebrate Pongal this year


Actor Vivek has said that he won’t be celebrating Pongal this year as he has been deeply hurt by the increasing number of suicides of farmers who can’t bear the sight of their damaged crops which didn’t receive enough water/rains.

“My heart bleeds when I come across news of deaths of farmers by suicids or shock after watching their crops getting destructed due to lack of water,” Vivek has said. North-east monsoon has disappointed farmers and people across the State by not giving adequate rains during the current season, thus dealing a telling blow to the crops in Delta Districts in the State.

Tweeting on his Twitter account, Vivek said: “I won’t celebrate Pongal this year; however, let’s all purchase sugarcane and pots to add whatever spice we can to the lives of millions of farmers. Only a warrior raises his voice for bulls (Jallikkattu) and a true Tamil raises his voice for his farmers. One who forgets trees and environment is not a human at all!

“I’m deeply hurt by the demise out of shock and suicide of farmers in the State who were unable to bear the pathetic sight of their crops,” Vivek has said. It may be recalled that G.V. Prakash Kumar, the music director-turned-hero, has volunteered to offer financial help to families of farmers who died/committed suicides recently.


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