Ilaiyaraja sends legal notice to SPB

Ilaiyaraja - SPB
Ilaiyaraja - SPB

Maestro Ilaiyaraja has sent a legal notice to legendary singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, to restrain from using his compositions to perform on stage in the latter’s ongoing world concert tour titled SPB50, celebrating his 50th year in the industry.

SPB took to his Facebook page and wrote: “Couple of days back, an attorney representing Ilayaraja, sent legal notices to me, Chithra, Charan, organizers of the concerts in different cities and the managements of all the venues. According to the notice, we are not supposed to perform his compositions without his permission. If so, it is breaking the copyright law and have to pay huge financial penalties and face legal action. Let me say, I am ignorant of these legalities.”

“As I said earlier, I am ignorant of the law. If it is a law, so be it and I will obey it. In these circumstances, our troupe cannot perform his compositions from today. He requested his fans and well-wishers to not have any harsh opinions and discussions regarding this matter. If this is the design of God, I obey it with reverence,” he added.


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