Jayam’ Ravi & Vijay
Jayam’ Ravi & Vijay

Actor ‘Jayam’ Ravi has said that it was indeed regrettable that frontline heroes such as Ajith Kumar and Vijay have chosen to remain silent on the high GST levied on films in particular and on entertainment industry in general.

‘Goods & Services Tax’ (GST) has come into effect across the country from last Saturday (01st July), levying taxes under four slabs (5%, 12%, 18% and 28%) on all products and services. Apprehensions have been expressed in various quarters as people have been protesting hard against the GST for causing price-hike of things.

GST of 28% has been imposed on films; when this is added to the 30% entertainment tax levied by Govt. of Tamil Nadu, theatre-owners have said that tickets in cinema halls in the State would go up by a whopping 58%, thus prompting people to shun theatres and the idea of watching movies in cinema halls. To protest against this entertainment tax, theatres in the State remained closed for 4 days (03-06 July).

In the meantime, ‘Jayam’ Ravi has regretted that neither Ajith Kumar nor Vijay said anything against the GST or the entertainment tax which is literally ‘killing’ the profession of film-making and running theatres. Speaking to newsmen in Saligramam in Chennai, he justified the theatre-owners’ protest in downing their shutters. “Unless we fight with unity, we can’t hope to achieve success in our struggle,” he said.


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