Kreshna, Anandhi come together for the first time for Pandigai!


Actor Kreshna’s upcoming film has been titled as Pandigai in which he has been paired up opposite actress Anandhi for the first time on screen.

The script of Pandigai deals with biking races (unofficial and illegal) often indulged in by youths on city’s arterial roads. More often than not, such bike races end up injuring the biker himself or hapless and innocent pedestrians. The film’s script deals with this issue from a very different angle even as it has plenty of romantic and other aspects to engage the audiences’ attention for more than two hours.

Produced by a new production house ‘Tea-Time Talkies’ and to be released in theaters by Araa Cinemas, Pandigai has been directed by debutant director Feroze. “The film’s script is about an angry young man who was forcibly pushed into illegal bike-racing (sporting) activity. After the shoot was wrapped up, we watched the film and felt elated that the end-product had come out really well.

“We are also thankful to Araa Cinemas for taking up the film’s release. In short, it would be a film which would be celebrated in theatres by all sections of the audiences,” Feroze says.


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