Nayan is a very sincere, hard-working professional: Doss Ramasamy


Doss Ramasamy, the director actress Nayantara’s upcoming film horror (thriller) film Dora, has said that very few actresses can match Nayantara when it comes to working hard, behaving sincerely and displaying immense dedication.

Directed by Doss Ramasamy and produced jointly by director A. Sarkunam and Hitesh Jhabak, the film has Nayantara playing the protagonist and she is the film’s actual ‘hero’. National award-winning actor Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman and Sulile Kumar play significant roles in the film which has music by the duo of Vivek Mervin and Solomon. Dinesh Krishnan is the film’s cinematographer.

“Nayan has the knack of getting into the skin of her character almost with utmost ease,” says Ramasamy. “When she arrives on the sets to shoot for the film, she remains very cool with no starry airs. She also is not in the habit of seeking the cool environs of her caravan at the drop of the hat. She cooperates fully with the producer and director and is a film-maker’s delight.

“During one particular sequence, I told her to get rolling on the road which was far from smooth. Nayan didn’t think twice about it and went ahead and completed the sequence much to the surprise of the crew members,” says Doss.


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