Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan

Joining the issue with the BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu, actor Kamal Haasan has said that there was no need for the producers of Vijay’s latest film Mersal to re-censor the film as per the BJP’s wishes as it has already been certified by the Censor Board.

Vijay’s fire-breathing dialogues in Mersal about the Centre’s pet project of ‘Digital India’, the uniform tax regime GST and the demonetization drive haven’t gone down well with the top-level BJP leadership which has instructed the party’s State leaders to take it up with the producers of the film to get them to delete those sequences from the film which has opened to very good reception in theatres and to good reviews.

Murali, the producer of the film, has announced that he would fall in line with the BJP’s expectations and would delete the sequences from the film to which the party has objected to. Celebrities and others have been criticizing not only the BJP’s demand to delete some sequences from the film but also to the meek surrender of the film’s producer in agreeing to the BJP’s demand for deleting those sequences.

Penning his thoughts on his Twitter account, Kamal Haasan said “Mersal has already been censored by the Regional Censor Board, Chennai and it doesn’t need to be re-censored because of pressure from certain quarters. Counter criticism with some logical response,” and appealed to everyone not to silence critics (of Govt.) as India would shine only when “it speaks”.


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