PETA’s response to Suriya’s pro-Jallikattu statement irks his fans!


PETA has responded to Suriya’s official statement on Jallikattu where he lashed out at PETA for being instrumental to the ban on the sport.

Nikunj Sharma, Government Affairs Liaison with PETA India said, “It’s no coincidence that Suriya decided to speak only when his film S3 is about to release. During illegal jallikattu events recently held, both bulls and humans have lost their lives.”

“To use a cruel spectacle that routinely causes injuries and death, and which has been condemned as illegal by the highest court in our country for movie publicity is in extremely poor taste,” he added.

Suriya’s ardent fans on Twitter have been enraged by this irresponsible statement from PETA and have been reiterating that Suriya is a longtime supporter of Jallikattu.

PETA’s response to Suriya
PETA’s response to Suriya



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