Actress Kasthuri, who had said a few days that the practice among producers and directors to expect sexual favours from actresses in return of offering film-offers to them was very much in vogue, has backtracked her statement within a couple of days, apparently under pressure from her peers and from Nadigr Sangam.

Speaking to a leading English day on the eve of the ‘International Women’ Day’ which was observed last week, Kasthuri had gone on record stating that producers and directors continued to expect sexual favours from actresses in return for casting them in their films. “Actresses tend to ‘adjust’ on a few occasions but I never did so,” the 42-year old actress had claimed.

During the course of her interview, Kasthuri also said that a hero, who was quite popular in the nineties and who later took to politics, tortured her seeking sexual favorus and when she resisted his overtures, the hero ensured that she was ousted from at least two projects. Kollywood started erupting as to who could be the hero referred to by Kasthuri.

Apparently under pressure from peers and from Nadigar Sangam, it is reported that Kasthuri has disowned her own remarks and has said in a clichéd manner that she has been ‘misquoted’.


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