Shreya Saran
Shreya Saran

Age is something the actresses feel very apprehensive about and only rarely do they talk about their age in public. Even the age-related details revealed on social networking sites and Wikipedia by many actresses may not be closer to truth!

An actress’ shelf-life is hardly for ten years or less than that as they either become ‘boring’ to their fans or develop wrinkles around their eyes or put on weight and gradually fall out of reckoning of film-makers. Heroines consciously take up only the roles of heroes’ ladyloves and don’t even take up roles of hero’s wife as a ‘wife’ is usually seen as ‘aged’ by the actresses’ fans.

Shreya Saran, who had paired up opposite superstar Rajinikanth in Shankar’s Sivaji: The Boss many years back, doesn’t rue the fact that age is catching up with her, thus minimizing her chances of getting to play lead roles in films. “No other profession can be compared with film industry. I have been starring in films for 17 years now. I’m now 34 years old and I don’t have any hesitation in revealing my age.

“Whatever be the age of an actor/actress, only an artiste could get a excellent role even when he/she turns 65. Look at Amithabh Bachchan Saheb, who continues to get excellent roles; he might not have been this busy had he taken up any other profession. I feel blessed to have taken up career as an actress,” concludes Shreya.


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