As the wishes for women’s day have been continuously pouring in from the entire film industry, the team ‘ORU KIDAYIN KARUNAI MANU’ had released a small video with a special message for the heroine (Raveena) in which few questions have been raised against the current situation of women.

Directed by debutant Suresh Sangaiah (assistant director of ‘Kaakka Muttai’ Manikandan) and produced by ‘Eros International Media Ltd.’, this uniquely titled movie is built with a story that revolves around a goat and has Vidaarth and famous dubbing artist Raveena in the lead roles. ‘ORU KIDAYIN KARUNAI MANU’ has a great crew which includes DOP RV Saran, Music Director Raguram, Editor KL Praveen and Art Director Crawford D.

“We men are here only because of women. Who are we to give them space in their life? It is they who have to decide about our space. To celebrate womanhood, Eros and our ‘ORU KIDAYIN KARUNAI MANU’ team has come up with a unique idea. So far we would have seen only the hero’s name as the first name in the title card. But ‘ORU KIDAYIN KARUNAI MANU’ will have our heroine Raveena’s name as the first name in the title credits. On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a very happy women’s day. Celebrate Womanhood” says actor Viddharth.


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