Won’t stop acting after marriage to satisfy my in-laws: Shruti Haasan!

Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan

Actress Shruti Haasan has asserted that she won’t stop acting in films after marriage merely to satisfy her in-laws. “I don’t think actresses should listen to their in-laws and quit/stop acting after they get married,” Shruti added.

Shruti Haasan is mighty happy that critics have lauded her journalist’s role in her latest film Si3 which hit the screens yesterday. It was Shruti’s second film opposite Suriya after her debut film 7aum Arivu which released some years back. The actress, who can also sing songs, compose them and score music, is busy with her projects in Tamil, Telugu ahd Hindi films.

“It’s been seven years for me in the industry and I have matured a lot; I have learnt to face challenges and life appears very clear now. I don’t bother about critics who praise a hero if a film does well and blames the heroine when it nose-dives at the box-office. I concentrate only in playing my part to perfection in all my films and would continue to do so in future too.

“I’m not responsible for my father and Gautami splitting; I don’t indulge in my father’s personal matters,” she said. On another note, she said that she would get married at the appropriate time but added that her future hubby should never interfere with her work. “I shall continue to act forever and won’t back out of films for the sake of my in-laws and don’t want any actress to quit films at the behest of their in-laws,” she adds.

She concluded by stating that she had always believed that a woman’s mental prowess is stronger and valuable than a man’s physical prowess. “It is high time men learnt to give women their due respect,” she says.


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