Right from the beginning Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan aka AAA has created a huge buzz, as Simbu plays a old man onscreen for the first time. The first part of the film is out in theaters today. Want to know whether this film lived up to the expectation? Continue reading our review.


The film begins in 80s in prison. The entire prisoners in the jail directly helps Madurai Michael to escape from the prison. Then the flashback opens to show why he lands into jail, though he was never touched by police for so long years.

Madurai Michael, a local gangster in the Madurai area, works under a don. Later he falls in love with Shriya and decides to move to Dubai and commence a new life there. But he was plotted by his own boss to make him land into jail.

He along with his friends escape to Dubai (leaving Shriya in India), and becomes an underworld don. The world police is still searching for him, but they weren’t even able to trace his identity.

Then the film is back to the current day in Chennai. Simbu is aged and he lives there with a new identity named Ashwin Thatha.

It is love at first sight for him when he sees Tamannaah. Whether he impressed Tamanaah to love him back? Did police managed to find Madurai michael? – Watch the film to know.

What’s hot and what is not:

Simbu has put on weight and he looks so bulky on screen. Anyhow it worked well for the old man role. Shriya looked so homely and she didn’t got enough screen time, while Tamanaah was in her glamorous best.

Few (not all) of STR’s dialogues in the movie were great, but the plot and the screenplay was so miserable. Most (almost all) of the comedy sequences in the movie failed to make us laugh.

Verdict: Even Simbu can’t save this badly written movie.


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