Bairavaa Movie Review

Bairavaa Movie Review
Bairavaa Movie Review

Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s much anticipated movie Bairavaa, directed by Bharathan is finally out in theaters. Want to know whether the film is up to the expectation, continue reading our review to know.


Bairavaa (Vijay) works as a loan collection agent of a popular bank and he was usually assigned tasks which were more critical. Once his manager Y.G.Mahendran gets into a huge trouble, Bairavaa comes to the rescue and saves his head.

Later its love at first sight for Bairavaa, when he meets Keerthy Suresh at his manager’s daughter’s wedding. With some cinematic twists and turns Bairavaa comes to know that Keerthy is facing a huge trouble from Villain Jagapati Babu.

Flashback opens and Keerthy Suresh was introduced as a medical college student. She and Aparna Vinod who chose a private medical college in medical counseling, were shocked when they visit the college. There were no facilities available there and Jagapati Babu who owns the college has used his influence and money to get license for the medical college.

Students start to protest against the management. Later Aparna Vinod was mysteriously killed, and Keerthy Suresh files a case against Jagapati Babu. All this was shown in this tiresome flashback.

The rest of the film is all about Vijay takes over the mission and tactically makes Jagapati Babu’s empire hit the bottom.


Only Vijay has carried the entire film on his shoulders and he never failed to impress us. His dance or fight brings thunders in the theaters in the form of whistles (I experienced it watching the first day first show).

Keerthy Suresh looked charming; though her acting is satisfying, watching her tremble to match Vijay’s dance in the songs will surely disappoint the viewers.

Sathish’s one liners brings laughter in theaters occasionally. Motta Rajendran, Thambi Ramaiah, Aparna Vinod etc didn’t have a huge role to play, but they justified their part.

What’s hot and what is not:

The director seems to have written this script inspired from some real life instances, and we should appreciate him for choosing to convey a social message, but not for the way he executed the film.

The number of private colleges is now growing like viruses in the country, but not all of them have the much needed facilities to teach the students. Bairavaa shows a limelight on this issue.

From beginning till the end, the film is full of violence and fight, and what surprises us is that the censor board has certified it with U.

On the whole, this film is only for those who love mass masala films. Bairavaa will surely impress you, if you go with no expectation.


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