Kaththi Sandai

Kaththi Sandai
Kaththi Sandai

Vishal starrer Kaththi Sandai, directed by Suraj is out in theaters today. Want to know whether this film is up to the mark. Continue reading our review to know.


The film opens up with Vishal, following up Tamannaah with some idiotic plans to make her fall in love with him. But it was later found that it was all to loot money from her brother Jagapati Babu, the Deputy commissioner of Police.

That money was actually seized by Jagapati Babu from a culprit, but he didn’t hand overed it to the government. Why Vishal looted that money, what he did with it? Watch the film to know. (Hint: It is for a good cause, which most cinema heroes do.)


Apart from Vishal and Tamannaah, the performance of Soori needs a special mention. Watching him in different getups, to help for Vishal’s love, will surely bring sound of laughter in the theater.

It is to remember that Kaththi Sandai is much expected for the comeback of comedian Vadivelu after a very long time. But his portions were not as expected.

What’s hot and What is not?

The script may have looked so good on paper, the director has failed misereably in execution,thanks to the unclear and bit confusing screenplay.

It wont be wrong if we say, too much of masala has spoiled ‘Kaththi Sandai’. Watch it with no expectations.


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