Kuttram 23 Movie Review
Kuttram 23 Movie Review

The director wastes no time in getting us into the story. The movie begins with the murder of a church priest and the question about the whereabouts of the girl who has made confessions to him. This smartly executed scene sets the tone perfectly.

The mystery over the incident slowly gets unfolded as a smart cop Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay) starts his investigation. A couple of mysterious deaths make the case more complicated. Vetrimaaran’s logical approach and shrewd interrogations lead him to a wider criminal network which is shocking.

See the movie to know what the crime is and how it is resolved.

Script analysis

Arivazhagan has made a medical thriller based on crime novel king Rajesh Kumar’s story. The script has the strong backing of scientific facts and sociological realities. The director is able to balance between emotional aspects and clinical investigation. The mystery behind ‘23’ is well utilized. The criminal network is working around using the technology of artificial insemination and the script carefully handles the subject with great sensitivity. It also highlights the need of awareness among those who opt for pregnancy through the technology.

The movie engages us right from the beginning thanks to a compact screenplay that doesn’t deviate much from the central theme. Even the love portion is subdued.

However, there are some flaws in the narrative. It is not explained as to why Mahima hasn’t told the whole truth to the police in the beginning. Vamsi Krishna’s reason behind the way he acts is convincing while the blackmail game is not. The connection between Vamsi and Arvind is not established well. The investigation portion is intelligent but the pace of the movie is not up to the expected level. Too many complications without proper endings mar the impact of the script up to some extent.
The action sequences are very smart. We get to see some serious action sans all-powerful heroism in fighting sequences.

Despite some flaws Arivazhagan deserves complements for making a serious and engaging movie based on a very serious medical issue.


Arun Vijay looks quite convincing as a cop. He has carried the serious role well and added credibility to the character. Mahima Nambiar has some importance in the script and she has used it well. She looks pleasant too. Abhinaya does a commendable job in a role which demands some subtle action and emotional outburst as well.
Thambi Ramaiah’s one liners may be good on paper but they don’t appeal in this script. He gets applauded from the audiences when he cleverly converts Arun Vijay’s emotional murder into self-defense. Vamsi Krishna and Arvind Akash are competent. The director has given space to most of his actors to play an important role and perform well.

Vishal Chandrasekar’s back ground score is effective. Songs sound good but they are buried in the narrative. K.M.Bhaskaran’s cinematography is fitting to a medical thriller. He has enhanced the script with suitable colours and angles.

Positive points

Arun Vijay’s acting
Execution of scenes
Thriller element
Background score

Negative points

Incoherent second half
Logical flaws

Verdict: Arivazhagan’s efforts to make a medical thriller based have to be appreciated. It could have been far better had he made the second half more coherent.

Kuttram 23: Neat thriller

Director: Arivazhagan
Cast: Arun Vijay, Mahima Nambiar, Abhinaya, Vamsi Krishna, Arvind Akash, Thambi Ramaiah
Music: Vishal CHandrasekar
Cinematography: Bhaskaran K.M.


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