S3 aka Si3 aka Singam 3, the third installment in the megahit Singam series, with Suriya and Hari combo teaming up for the fourth time, is now out in theaters. Continue reading our review to know whether Si3 has satisfied the expectation of the fans.


S3 has the similar plot to its prequels – a cop takes on an anti social element, and cleans up the city. The police comissioner of Vizag city gets murdered and Andhra Govt. seeks the support of TN to investigate this case.

Duraisingam (Suriya) takes up the case and while investigating it he unearths a serious issue which affects the environment.

The rest of the film is all about how DuraiSingam hunts the villain who is in Australia, and his gang in India.

What’s hot and what is not:

Speed.. Speed.. It seems this is the only mantra Hari knows to make a film. The plot is nothing close to reality, but the thrilling screenplay and racy cuts by the editor gaurantees us entertainment.

suriya’s carries the complete film on his shoulder and his acting as a fierce cop is nothing short of a perfect one.

Heroines – Anushka Shetty and Shruti didn’t got only a few minutes of screenpresence. Anushka has done justice to her role as Suriya’s wife, while Shruti has a more important role than her as a journalist.

Shruti’s role is much similar to Hansika’s role in Singam ; both just fall in love with DuraiSingam and dances with him in a couple of songs. Soori’s comedy has failed miserably, while other actors like Robo Shankar, Radhika have done justice to their roles.

On the other hand villain Thakur Anoop Singh, an import from North India, is appealing but we hear fans criticising his moustache and hairstyle.

Cinematography was convincing and editing was racy. What disappoints us is the background score by Harri Jayaraj which takes a toll on our ears – too loud to handle.

In simple words, Si3 is a racy cop thriller which won’t disappoint you. But please don’t lookout for logic.


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