Could Kim Kardashian be downsizing her famous booty? Kim’s booty helped propel her to worldwide fame. But as she keeps losing weight and exercising so much, the rest of her body is getting tiny while her derriere remains huge and out of proportion with her trimmer frame. However, the last thing her husband Kanye West (40) wants is for her to get any reduction to her sizable behind.

Kanye is dead set against Kim getting any kind of butt reduction, he does not want Kim doing anything to her body with surgery. He’s extremely anti-surgery plus he loves her big booty. He’s doing everything he can to talk Kim out of reducing it,” revealed a source close to Kim. He’s not the only voice in her ear though, she’s got other people telling her she should do it. “Her plan right now is to stick to her fitness routine and do what she can naturally and then once things with the new baby calm down she’ll sneak away for the surgery, unless Kanye can talk her out of it somehow,” the insider added.


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